Behind Bluepools

Bluepools Ltd is run by father-daughter team – Will Witt and Rebecca Witt – from an industrial unit on Churchfields Industrial Estate in Salisbury, Wiltshire.

Will is a fully qualified chartered civil and structural engineer and has been working in the pool industry for 20 years. He has over 40 years experience in the Design and Construction of major projects around the world. For his full Biog – click here.

Rebecca grew up in Lymington, Hampshire, in the New Forest and considers England her first home. At the age of 9 she moved with her family to Darwin, Australia and although she was only there for 6 months the place made it’s mark on her and she has fond memories of her time there. In 2001 she moved to a small village in France called Jonzac, with her mother, father and little sister, and grew up in the middle of nowhere in the French countryside.

Rebecca went to French state school and at the age of 19 took the French Baccalaureate (which is the french equivalent of A-levels) in 15 subjects. The french Baccalaureate is a completely different system to English A-levels in that students choose between 3 categories at the age of 16 (sciences, economics, or languages) and specialise in their chosen subjects for the next two years. Rebecca chose Science so on top of all the core subjects like French, English, Philosophy, History, Geography, Sports (Swimming and Hand Ball), and Drama she also took Advanced Maths (which is equivalent to University level maths in the UK), Biology, Geology, Physics and Chemistry. She was top of her class in Maths, Physics, Chemistry, English (of course) and swimming, but got a dismal 4/20 in her philosophy exam because she just could not agree with the teacher that the desk at which she sat might or might not be there.

At that age Rebecca had no intention of going into the family business with her father and two brothers so moved to Leeds, Yorkshire and went to the Northern Film School where she studied production and costume design for film and theatre. She specialised in Costume and Set design and Script Writing and spent nearly every waking hour either Rock Climbing or learning about Google Sketchup having realised that she was particularly good at 3D design. Once she graduated, she got a job as a breakdown and dyeing assistant on the Disney film Into the Woods in 2014 but ultimately extremely disliked the film industry and realised that there was no way she was going to work 12 hour days with little to no hope of ever running her own department.

After that she got a job as production coordinator, working for Vivien Sheriff, a world famous milliner who makes hats and headpieces for weddings and the races. Rebecca loved her job in the fashion industry, managing the production team in England and China and working from a converted barn right on the doorstep of the New Forest (it was like coming home). Ultimately though she knew she wanted to be in control of her own business and in September 2016 quit her job and went into the family business.

Since then she has discovered that the construction and wet leisure industries are where she belongs. Having a Baccalaureate in advanced maths, chemistry and physics made it easy for her to grasp swimming pool hydraulics and pool water chemistry. Her skills in 3D design make her a huge asset to Bluepools as every pool project is drawn in 3D first in order to make sure that all the equipment and pipework fit into the space allocated. Her attention to detail helps her overcome building hurdles that otherwise could pose massive problems to the builder on site during construction.

Although as a child Rebecca wanted to be an Actress, she feels as though she has fallen on her feet as a Swimming Pool Designer.