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NEWSFLASH - Bluepools introduces its stunning new 2014 Deckpool range of Wooden Pools for Above Ground or In-Ground use with 10 Year Guarantees


Swimming Pools in France - Custom Concept and Rapid Installation - Save up to 50% on Any Luxury Pool

We have been building small cheap pools, large luxury pools, infinity pools and natural pools in France since 2004 and so we do know what we are talking about!

We now believe that the Owner Builder route is the best way to get a pool installed in the current economic climate where every pound must be made to count. This is not DIY - the pool installation contractor is simply replaced by Bluepools and three or four trade contractors that do all the work.

So if you want to avoid the Risk involved in using a French based Pool Installation Contractor then this webpage will be the most Important one that you will ever read

Bluepools originally operated from Jonzac in Charente-Maritime in France before Will Witt moved back to the UK in early 2013 (we still have the office in France for the work over there).

Between 2004 and 2012 Bluepools installed nearly 100 pools in South West France as pool installation contractors - we were so busy during 2007 that we had 3 pool installation teams on the go!

Since the recession it has become impossible to maintain the resources required to provide a full pool installation service and so we have changed the way that we operate as described below.

What can go wrong?

Here are some typical quotes that I have heard in the last couple of years:-

“The pool filtration system was undersized ….the dirty pool water made all the kids ill when it was hot last summer”

“We bought a panel pool kit that cost a lot…. We had to empty the pool this spring and one of the long walls has moved about 2 inches into the pool…. I’m worried that it is going to collapse”

“We used a one man band pool firm …….He started in March, took 8 months to build it! … and so we could not use the pool until the next year”

“The digger driver just turned up and dug the hole without any drawings ….. We ended up with a pool where the rain water from the lawn drains into it – and the algae growth in the pool is incredible whenever it rains”

“We never had any drawings of the pool…Just an Estimate …And the Roman Steps were half the size that we were promised by the salesman!”

“We did not have any contract documents … just a hand written Estimate ….when they hit ground water problems the final amount that we paid was over 2 x the Original Estimate”

“We paid him 10,000 Euros up front …..And we have now had a big hole in the garden as well as a great mountain of dirt ….for over a year ….he has just disappeared!

Cowboy Pool Builders

Many Cowboy pool builders are like the Cowboy builders that we see on TV ….. They mean well .... But pure ignorance causes them to make disastrous mistakes – and pools are a lot more difficult to build than house extensions!

And there are a lot of Cowboy Pool Buiulders in France!!!

The Recession has made things a lot Worse!

Unfortunately the recession has just made things a lot worse because the Pool Installation contractors:-

All Pool Installation Contractors insist on upfront payments from their Clients

Because of the current circumstances every Pool Builder insists on as much as 40% of the total pool cost before they will even turn up and dig the excavation.

You do not have to have much imagination to realise that you can lose 40% of the cost of a pool in the blink of an eye - if you happen to be unlucky!

The Risk is Avoidable

BUT You do not have to risk losing the pure joy, pride and pleasure that can be gained from an elegant pool in your garden because of poor project execution Bluepools can ensure that you will get that Luxury swimming pool ….on Time ….and within Your Budget.

What is the Bluepools Solution to this massive problem?

It is very simple - Bluepools becomes your Pool Consultant so that the expertise of a Pool Installation Contractor is not required - and you use your Local Builder or a Builder with a good Local Reputation

You can then just rely on the local Builder to carry out the pool construction work in accordance with the Design Drawings and Specification that Bluepools will provide.

We also provide a comprehensive installation manual and we will be on Skype or on the telephone or email providing advice and guidance to both you and Your Builder from Concept to Completion throughout the working week.

At a stroke this removes all the risk of employing an unknown Pool Installation Contractor that will want a lot of money up-front before he even starts on site.

Just imagine the feeling when you are poised over your computer keyboard about to transfer 20,000 € into the bank account of someone that you do not really know from Adam!

Most of the Risk of losing money is also avoided because:-

The Risk of sub-standard pool equipment is also avoided because:-

What is the best type of pool to install in France?

The cheapest and fastest solution is a fibre-glass pool -See Fibre-glass Pool Installation

PVC Liner Pools with Polyblok walls

These are another good option if you do not like the dull finish of a fiber-glass swimming pool.

In some ways PVC liners are simply "The best thing since sliced bread" for outdoor pools.

They provide:

Shotcrete Pools with Mosaic Tiled Finish

Many people are just not happy with the concept of a vinyl liner pool and would prefer a tiled pool.

There are a quite a few Shotcrete installation firms in France and Bluepools can design these pools (we have done hundreds in Nevada and California) and get a French shotcrete firm to carry out the installation.

You can read a lot more about shotcrete pools on our sister website:-


or here at:-



The big advantage of these pools is that they can be built in a massive variety of different shapes and size at virtually no extra cost!

Many people that build pools on the French Mediterranean coast install shotcrete pools because of the difficult sites that many of these properties are built on.

Bluepools Ltd

Your Order would be placed with Bluepools Limited that is a UK Company incorporated in England. Bluepools Limited does not have permanent offices outside the UK so does not have all the Overhead Costs associated – for instance - with the French Social Security system and other costs.

Pool Installation companies in France "Mark up" the basic pool cost by up to 50% to cover over heads and profit. Builders "Mark ups" are always a lot lower and often less than 10% .

This reduction in cost easily covers the Bluepools Fees and so the overall pool installation is a lot cheaper and more or less completely Risk Free - simply because the "Pool Expert" is on your side and not that of the Pool Installer!

There is no TVA at 19.6% to pay on the Total Project Cost

The TVA on the pool equipment is paid by Bluepools and is included in the Pool Equipment cost.

Most local Builders will work inside the TVA threshold and so there will be no TVA to pay on the labour cost.

And most importantly you will not be paying TVA on the markup on the pool cost that the Pool Installation Contractors add for their profits and overheads - YES - it is 100% true they take the basic pool cost and add 40 - 50% - and you have to pay 19.6% on the percentage that they add.

It is no wonder pools built like this as so expensive!

This is now well established concept in France that Bluepools has been using for two years.

This includes a pool for Mr Hamish Macdonald that we built in this way in Villefranche de Rouerque in Aveyron.

Hi Bluepools

I am at les Pesquies for a few days. We have a beautiful looking pool that several people have commented upon with admiration and expressed interest in having one themselves and knowing how we got it built. I have been happy to respond with two positive references for prospective clients.

Hamish Macdonald

Why does it reduce your risk so much?


So remember - to get a top quality pool and the best value for money

You must have:-

  1. A Pool Design prepared by an experienced professional pool designer

  2. Top quality, correctly sized Equipment

  3. And a builder that will build things in accordance with the drawings and specification

We provide Items 1 and 2.


You will need to have or find a reliable local builder


Best Regards

will signature pic

Chartered Civil Engineer

B.Eng. C.Eng. M.I.C.E.


PS - Avoid the Disaster of having a Bombsite in your garden for years!


PPS - Avoid that awful sensation of transferring 20,000€ into the bank account of a firm that you do not really know


PPPS - Save yourself lots of money and make sure that you enjoy the pride, pleasure and satisfaction from getting the attactive and reliable swimming pool that you want by 31st ? 201?


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